RJ45 vs RJ48 : A Comparison

 Anyone who is somewhat involved in Networking Field can identify an RJ 45 connector and its use, it is everywhere where someone wants to connect their device to a network via Ethernet adapter. But what about RJ 48 !!!!
RJ 45 vs RJ 48Difference
RJ 48 is same in look as of RJ 45 connector , the difference can be seen in the way they are wired. They both uses 8P8C modular plug and 2 pairs of wire, one for transmitting and one for receiving so whats the difference, this thing came into my mind when I was discussing my work with my friend and I was telling him how leased lines and Metro Ethernet works, in the middle of conversation something clicked in my mind that, “Is there is any difference in Ethernet Port connector  and VWIC port connector.”After Googling, I found the difference was RJ 45 and RJ48.
RJ 48 are used used for T1/E1 and ISDN termination and by connecting 1 and 4, and 2 and 5 it can become RJ48X which is also known as “smart jack”, used for creating loop-back for testing purposes. Below  is a comparison between RJ45 and RJ48:
RJ 45 RJ 48
RJ 45 uses pin 1,2,3,6 for receiving and transmitting. RJ 48 uses pin 1,2,4,5 for receiving and transmitting.
RJ 45 is commonly used in LAN environment in short distance RJ 48 is used in WAN links such as T1 and E1 leased lines.
RJ 45 uses UTP cables. RJ 48 used STP cables.
RJ 45 is always single line RJ 48 can be multiline and flush mount
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Rahul Mishra
A Post Graduate in Network Technology from Amity University and Founder of TechniCafe. He is Extensively experienced in Cisco core networking, VoIP technology and RSA Data Loss and Prevention.
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